In-House Calculator

How Much Do You Pay For In-House Billing?

Have you ever sat down and actually calculated just how much it costs you annually to process your billing in house? No?

Not a problem! We have had a unique, first-of-its-kind in house billing costs calculator developed to do just that! Just enter your information as it is requested and you will see how much you pay for in house billing costs.

[Warning: The figure may surprise you! Please be sure you are sitting down!]

In House Billing Costs Calculator
Billing Cost Salaries
Gross Salary
Social Security (6.2%)
Medicare (1.45%)
Number of Billing Employees
Unemployment Insurance - Federal %
Unemployment Insurance - State * %
Insurance Costs
Retirement Plans
Computer and Software
Clearinghouse Costs
Computer and Printer Purchase or Lease
Maintenance Contract for Hardware
Maintenance Contract for Software
Software Costs
Other Expenses
Annual Subscriptions for Billing Publications
Books (CPT, ICD-9, etc.)
Continuing Education of Billing Staff
Billing Organizations' Membership Dues
HCFA Forms
Other Office Supplies
Patient Authorization and Consent Forms
Patient Registration Forms
Postage (Mailing Claim Forms, Patient Statements)
Annual Rent on Office
% Space Used by Billing Staff
Superbills (Charge Slips)
Telephone Lines
Other Miscellaneous
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