Does this sound familiar?

Has the financial aspect of managing your practice become one big headache?

Are you confident that your staff has the expertise to accurately bill with all the appropriate codes ... every time? 

Do you the new codes for this year?  Are you billing any codes beyond what is in the CPT Code book?  Did you know you could?

Do you often worry about complying with complex Medicare and Medicaid regulations?  Are you worried about a RAC audit?

Could these concerns be causing you to down code and not charge for some reimbursable services?

Would you like to eliminate the ongoing and ever rising costs of keeping all your software up to date and compliant with Medicare's ever increasing requirements?

Would you like your staff to devote more time to patient care - and less to processing medical billing and collections?

Have you ever calculated your actual in house billing costs? Do you often wonder if you are really saving money by doing your own billing?

How Can KLA Help?

If any of these concerns seem familiar, then you should know that providers interested in making the S.M.A.R.T. choice turn to KLA Healthcare Consultants, a proven track record because of:

S - Stable, Experienced Staff  

M - Management Authorities 

A - Accredited Medical Coders

R - Responsible Professionals  

T - Technology Specialists

KLA meets all your outsourced medical billing needs by implementing the same accuracy, security, reliability and professionalism that we have consistently delivered to our clients - compliments of the S.M.A.R.T. foundation on which we have built our business since 1991.

We will also exceed your highest expectations by offering you unique, highly functional yet surprisingly easy to use interactive tools - available exclusively on our website since we have designed them and had them developed with your convenience in mind - like our one-of-a-kind In House Billing Costs Calculator - our Competency Quiz, that we developed to work in conjunction with the Costs Calculator to demonstrate just how much it really costs you to do your own in house billing - and our Fully Customizable Services such as: medical claims billing plans that are tailored to perform to your exact specifications; special function services such as sending out birthday/holiday cards to all of your patients, automatically, year round, based on the data you supply; and an ever increasing suite of made to order client and medical claims billing forms that we will brand with your practice's name and further personalize to reflect your preferences and specifications ... and supply them to you for the life of our business relationship! And our central location in Memphis Tennessee - home of Fed Ex and shipping capital of the United States - guarantees you that we are easily accessible and will expediently courier or air mail all documents and forms.

With our years of experience, attention to detail and continuous growth that all work together to keep us current on the constant changes in HIPAA compliance, medical codes, Medicare and Medicaid billing codes and electronic claims processing - we are your best choice for outsourced medical billing!

Please click to learn how KLA will implement the S.M.A.R.T. Way to: efficiently manage your practice's medical billing; lighten your workload so you and your staff can focus your attention on patient care; eliminate all the time and frustration spent on billing and collections and forms and codes; free you from the responsibility of checking and double checking complex forms and medical coding to ensure you receive full payment for all services rendered; allow you to relax in the confidence that all your medical claim billing is being handled in a professional, cost effective manner using the latest technology to ensure expedient, accurate electronic claims processing ... freeing up your schedule so you can spend more time keeping up with latest developments in the medical field, or something even more pleasurable and equally rewarding - spending some quality time with your family or working with your favorite charity! Just think ... increased profits and more free time! What could you do with some extra income and some extra time ... and the peace of mind that all your outsourced medical billing is being handled by professionals?

Medical Billing the S.M.A.R.T. Way

KLA offers you much more than routine billing services. All of the services listed on our site - in addition to our extensive expertise - are available to you for a fixed percentage of collections. You are charged only for what we collect ... not what is billed. Nickels and dimes add up and KLA will never charge you more than the standard fee for standard services. So you won't ever be surprised by a bill for clearinghouse services or for envelopes and postage.

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