You Say MSN, I Say EOMB

March 15th, 2012

Do you remember when an explanation of the benefits provided to a patient covered by Medicare was called an Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB)? 

I do.  In fact, I completely missed the name change to Medicare Summary Notice (MSN). 

Medicare announced today that it has again redesigned the statement sent to beneficiaries as part of a new initiative – “Your Medicare Information: Clearer, Simpler, At Your Fingertips”. 

The new MSN will be available to beneficiaries this week at, Medicare's secure website for beneficiaries.  In 2013, the paper version of the form will be mailed to beneficiaries quarterly. 

Per Medicare:  "This MSN redesign reflects more than 18 months of research and feedback from beneficiaries to provide enhanced customer service and respond to suggestions and input."

You may see  a side-by-side comparison of the former and redesigned MSNs at

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