Deadline Looms To Avoid Electronic Prescribing Penalties

June 1st, 2012

It's that time again. With a few exceptions, if you have not submitted sufficient electronic prescriptions by the end of June, you will face a 1% reduction in Medicare payments for 2012.  If you DO submit, you will instead be paid a 1% bonus on the physician service part of your Medicare reimbursements.  Typically the bonus is paid in the fall of the following year.

Details may be found at:  In brief, 25 eRxes are required for 2012 in order to qualify for full Medicare payment in 2013.  Only traditional Medicare prescriptions accompanied by a non hospital evaluation and management service qualify for the bonus.

The deadline for measurement is June 30.

There are several free qualifying electronic eRx programs.  If you would like to use Practice Fusion, you can signup through our link at  You will need to fax a form with copies of your DEA, etc.  Instructions are available on the website.  (Call John in our office if you need help.)

(KLA is a consultant for Practice Fusion.  Although this is our link for signup, we will not contact you directly.  If you wish our assistance, please call or email us.) 

Submitting the prescriptions electronically is not enough.  You must also include proccedure code G8553 on your claim form with a NON HOSPITAL BASED evaluation and management code.  If you do not "bill" for G8553 with a non-hospital based evaluation and management service, you will not get credit.

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