Complete Signing Your Medicare Enrollment Application Electronically

April 27th, 2012

The April 24 CMS e-news had some good news.  An authorized official may now sign you enrollment application electronically:

Internet-based PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System) now allows providers to sign Medicare enrollment applications electronically. You can save time and expedite review of your application by utilizing the electronic signature process. This feature does not change who is required to sign the application.  Authorized officials of the Organization will receive an email providing the steps they need to take to electronically sign the enrollment application. This email will be automatically sent when the enrollment application is submitted.

Make sure to add “customerservice-donotreply [at] cms.hhs [dot] gov" to your safe sender list and check your spam or junk mail folders to ensure you receive the electronic signature email notifications.

An example of the beginning of the email to the authorized official is shown below:

From: customerservice-donotreply [at] cms.hhs [dot] gov
Subject: Pending Medicare E-Signature Request ( Tracking ID: XXXXXX0047)
An application on behalf of Lexa Hospital was recently submitted by:
Submitters Name: Lexa Smith
Submitters Phone: 5555555555
Submitters Email: lexa.smith [at] lexahospital [dot] com

For more information about signing your Medicare enrollment electronically, see “Sign Your Medicare Enrollment Application Electronically” in the March 29 edition of the e-News .



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