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KLA's Superbilling Program & More

We offer many unique advantages and benefits to our clients that other medical billing companies cannot.

For example, our operations manager is a former insurance company manager. How does this help you?  As a former insider, he is well versed on the inside workings of an insurance company and can often cut through the red tape to get your claims paid.   Even your most problematical claims can be handled in an expedient manner.

Extensively customized claims scrubbing and reporting is another benefit you will enjoy as our client.   One of our principles is a programmer once employed by a major tech company.  When writing the code for KLA's "Superbilling" software, he opted to write in the same relational database use by NASA.

This is a bit technical:  This database was chosen because of the number of "records" it could support.  Most billing programs must archive your valuable data within three to six months.  KLA's "Superbilling" software can maintain multiple times the number of records.  Thus, your data is available for easy access for much longer.

Also, our exclusive software eliminates the constrictive prepackaged parameters found in most programs.   New reports can be created for you to your exact specifications.

The flexibility of our software also allows us to rapidly update computer applications to reflect the frequent changes in governmental electronic compliance, which guarantees you that all of your claims will be processed correctly with the most up to date information available. And with a professional computer programmer on board full time, KLA processes your claims in a high tech environment with a minimum of time-consuming computer-related complications.

Further, you will enjoy a huge safety factor of having your data stored in a database that is NOT a favorite of hackers.

Despite the sophistication of the relational database we use, information can be readily downloaded into more familiar Windows based programs for your analysis. Your data can also be provided in Excel Pivot Table format if you wish.


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