KLA - Proven Performers

KLA is your safe choice in medical billing companies.

In an environment where many medical billing companies are working from a dining room table, KLA is an experienced, brick and mortar, US-based firm who has been doing billing and collections for physicians since 1991; and we have clients that have been with us since we filed that first claim form.

Our main office is centrally located in Memphis, Tennessee.  We use secure FTP sites and Federal Express to share billing information with our clients located outside the Mid-South region.

KLA Healthcare Consultants recognized the need for computer-based billing when it became mandatory for physicians to file claims for Medicare patients in 1992. Since medical billing software was in its infancy, KLA developed and still maintains and improves its proprietary "super-billing" system.

Our programmers are part of our senior management team.  This allows KLA to quickly adopt new billing edits and customize programming routines specific to your practice.  We can go beyond the built-in CCI edits to capture and prevent denial patterns specific to your practice.  For example:  if we disover you frequently receive denials for lack of precertifications on a specifice procedure, our programmers will "get under the hood" and customize a new routine to warn you if no precertification is on file for the procedure.

KLA and its staff hold multiple professional certifications. We are members of HBMA (Healthcare Biller Management Association) and our staff's credentials include: CISs (Certified Insurance Specialists), CPCs (Certified Professional Coders), and CMOMs (Certified Medical Office Managers). We also have professionals with more established certifications such as CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) and JDs (Juris Doctorates - doctors of law) although the firm is not a CPA or law firm.


Healthcare Billing & Management Association

KLA Healthcare Consultants are proud members in good standing with the HMBA - the Healthcare Billing and Management Association. Since they were founded in 1993, HBMA has been the only trade association to represent third party medical billers and consultants. The ever-changing landscape of the medical billing field, in constant motion due to the fluctuations caused by the never-ending changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance legislation and regulations in general, makes it imperative that third party billing companies remain visible in Washington, DC.

The HBMA - created to work with the government by educating Congress and the Administration on topics affecting third-party billers - is therefore deeply involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that affect physicians, Medicare, Medicaid and the entire managed care industry. As a result, KLA is always well informed on these matters, which means we can assure you that your claims are consistently filed in full compliance with the most current legal guidelines and information available!

As an HBMA member, we follow the Office of the Inspector General's guidelines for Third Party Medical Billing Companies.

And, as an HBMA member, KLA subscribes to the HBMA Code Of Ethics by pledging to:

  • Exercise sensitive professional and moral judgment in all our activities
  • Act in a way that will serve the public interest, honor the public trust and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism
  • Perform all responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity
  • Maintain objectivity and avoid any conflict of interest
  • Continually strive to improve the quality and competence of services performed
  • Undertake only those services that can be completed with professional competence
  • Exercise care, diligence and careful supervision in providing services
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient and client information

Please visit HBMA's website for additional information.

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