Resources for Healthcare Professionals

We are always looking for sites that will be of use to healthcare providers.  Some of our favorites are listed below.  If you know of a site that should be included, please contact us


We would love to hear from you about EHR's you like.  For now, we are recommending a free product with much good press:  Practice Fusion.  There is no charge for the program unless you opt for the "advertising free" version.  It has a workable eRx module and interfaces with many popular labs.

Healthcare News

Healthcare news is EVERYWHERE!  In today's environment of rapid change much of what is "news" is really nothing more than posturing or rumors.  KLA Healthcare Consultants works hard to keep your up to date on what's important through our newsletters and blog.  If you hunger for more, these are some or our favorite sites for reliable news.

Kaiser Family Foundation - Great site for the latest information on healthcare reform and all things medical.

Medical Group Management Association - Membership organization offering many resources, products and educational programs to assist with medical group practice management.

Medscape News - A treasure chest of latest information for practitioners and patients.  CME is available; as is specialty-based information.

Physicians Practice - Publishers of the free weekly newsletter, Physicians Practice Pearls®, which provides an insider's perspective on the latest issues affecting medical practices.

Chart Auditing Resources

As part of your practice's compliance plan, it's a good idea to include occassional chart audits by an outside reviewer.  Although KLA trains its clients office administrators on how to audit a chart, an annual review from a completely independent third party is favorably viewed should you face an audit by Medicare, Medicaid or another third party payor.  Reasonably priced independent audits are available from:

American Academy of Professional Coders - Audit Services Division - Typically 10 to 20 charts per provider will be provided.  Per its website, the AAPC will provide:  

Our audit team will contact you for a discussion of our findings, as well as send you a written report. Our report will include many key metrics, such as error rates, overutilization patterns, and the financial impact of errors found. We’ll also give you customized documentation tips and improvement recommendations based on our findings.

The cost to review 10 records is $400.  Discounts are often available.

Shelley Garrett(mycodinginstructor [at] yahoo [dot] com), CPC, CEC, CMC, CMOM - Shelley has more than 15 years of healthcare experience. Her experience includes working directly for the Medicare program, in multi-specialty physician offices and hospital settings, and also serving as a compliance officer and consultant.  Shelley is based in Tennessee but is willling to travel and do long-distance chart reviews. 

State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company - SVMIC, a leading provider of medical malpractice insurance in the MidSouth, is more than an insurance company.  It offers a wide variety of services, many free to its policyholders.  Other services are fee based.  One of the services offfered is a risk evaluation service which includes chart audits.  Call SVMIC at (800) 342-2239 or complete the online form on its website.

Other Sites We Like

Bizfilings - A nationwide registered agent service that can also assist with forming your business entity.  The site also has basic business formation information such as comparing the different business models such as PC and PLLC.  New in business, be sure to check out Bizfilings' learning center.

CCH Business Owners Toolkit - Respository of articles and templates for the business owner.  Want to know how to help prevent fraud?  How do you market your business?  Hire, manage and retain the best employees.  The preimum service is less than $40 per year.

CCH Financial Planning Toolkit -  Financial planning guides and tools including items such as loan calculators and business net work templates.  Many features are free.  Premium service is less than $25 per year. - When your guru needs a guru, chances are he starts with this site.  KLA frequently does!  Included are many tools of use to the practitioner including forms and audit tools.  Fun to read.  Tremendously helpful.  Don also offers a top notch Office Management Guide, webinars and practice assessments that help you find ways to increase your bottom line.

Google apps - What a bargain!  Cost = $0.  Benefit = up to 50 email address with name [at] yourcompany [dot] com as the email address. If you don't have a domain name, you can buy one from Google for ten dollars per year.  You also get an internet based calendar and a collaborative site. 

QuickBooks - The online addition of QuickBooks allows you access from anywhere - Your data is safe and secure and stored offsite - In addition, QuickBooks also offers full, inexpensive payroll services which includes preparation of payroll and payroll tax returns and direct deposit of payroll taxes - If your bank offers electronic checks, QuickBooks payroll service can even have payroll checks deposited directly into your employee's accounts - If you are thinking about outsourcing your billing, this site offers a good starting point on evaluating medical billing companies.  Be sure to read the comments.  Many are by seasoned medical billing companies.

The Telephone Doctor - Your telephone is one of the most important customer service assets your practice has - How trained is your staff in this area? Take the three minute self assessment exam and find out. This site offers low cost training videos and newsletters to help train your staff for optimal customer service.  For some of the best past articles, visit:  If you would like a no-charge preview of some of Telephone Doctor's full length customer service or management training programs contact Sharon Africano at sharon [at] telephonedoctor [dot] com  or 800.882.9911. - We discovered this site when an employee was making an appointment for herself.  Not only can you manage appointments in the office, you can also set up a site where patients can set up their own appointments.  If you have a patient's email, reminders are sent automatically.  If you are a client of KLA, call for your promotional code so you will not be charged for this service.  The first 30 days are free for everyone.

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