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August 1st, 2012

Sending referrals is a huge headache for many primary care providers.  Practice Fusion has just announced that by the end of this week its users will be able to send them by fax or email instantly.

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As for instant referrals, per Practice Fusion's Instructions:

,,, Our upcoming release includes new instant referrals that allow you to refer patients directly to another provider within the EHR and receive confirmation instantly.

Completely HIPAA-complaint for sensitive patient information (unlike emailed e-referrals), instant referrals saves you time while taking the guesswork out of the medical referral process for you and your patients.

To send an instant referral:

  1. From a SOAP note or the Patient Actions menu, select Send referral / response letter
  2. Choose a recipient from your recipient list, or select Add New Recipient to create a new contact
  3. Review the referral information, then click Send instantly (see below)

The patient referral will automatically be sent to your colleague, who will receive an email and a fax notification that a referral is waiting in the EHR. Practice Fusion users will receive the patient referral instantly while in the EHR.

Instant referrals can be sent to anyone in your existing fax referral recipient list, and are part of your existing medical referral workflow if you’ve used our referrals feature in the past.

To access your patient referral:

  1. Click on the Your Network tab to the right. Select your colleague’s name.
  2. You’ll see your patient’s name linked in the conversation window. Simply click on it to view the referral.
  3. You can also send your colleague a follow-up message from this window.

In order to quickly bring you this new functionality, we’ve had to streamline the referral screen. You will no longer see the Dx and Rx Add/Remove buttons or vital signs. To customize your patient referral, switch to a simple referral letter by deselecting Include patient data at the bottom.

While the referral screen has been temporarily streamlined, patient referrals will soon be even more customizable for you. We’re working hard to bring you the ability to add full chart notes directly into your referrals, so stay tuned!

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